Contiguous memory allocation

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Contiguous memory allocation

  • Contiguous memory allocation is technique where each process takes up single block in memory and execute in particular block.
  • basically in contiguous memory allocation the memory is divided into particular sized partitions.
  • Each block in memory is allocated to corresponding program with it’s corresponding size.


  • There are two ways the partitioning can work,
    • Fixed partitioning (static partitioning)
    • Variable partitioning (dynamic partitioning)

Fixed and variable partitioning (Fixed = Static & variable = dynamic)

  • Fixed partitioning -
    • In fixed partitioning the memory is divided into equal amount of memory blocks, which later are assigned to program during execution or configuration. Untitled
    • Advantages of Fixed Sized partitioning -
      • Fixed sized partitioning is easy to implement.
      • It is very light and efficient.
      • Little OS overhead.
    • Disadvantages of Fixed Sized partitioning -
      • Increases Internal Fragmentation.
      • Increases External Fragmentation.
      • Wastage of memory.
      • Limited size of process because of divided memory.
  • Variable partitioning -
    • In variable partitioning the initial memory is empty and partitions are made at the run time.
    • Which means the partition in memory will be created of the same amount of memory which is required by a particular process to execute.
    • If a program requires 20MB memory to run then the partition in memory will be created size of 20MB during the run time.
    • Size of partition is equal to incoming process. Untitled
  • Advantages of variable partitioning -
    • Reduction of Internal Fragmentation.
    • No restriction for multiprogramming implementation.
  • Disadvantages of variable partitioning -
    • Increase of external Fragmentation.
    • It is very difficult to implement.

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