Disk Structure

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Disk Structure

Physical Structure of a Disk

  • here are the list of components a disk has,

Platters -

  • A hard disk contains round metal plates which spins rapidly is called platters.

Spindles -

  • There is a rod in the center that spins all the platters together and that is called Spindle.

Read/Write Head -

  • On each side of every platter there is an arm with Read/Write head on the end.

Actuator arms -

  • These arms moves the head from the outer edge to inner edge of the platters while they spin. This allows the heads to reach any location to read or write the data.

Tracks -

  • Platters inside the hard disk spins continuously around which form imaginary circles from center to edge of each platter which are called tracks.

Sectors -

  • The tracks are further divided into tiny simple arcs which are called Sectors.

Cylinders -

  • The vertical positions where the heads are cutting across all the platters is called a Cylinder.

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