Editing files with vi/vim, gedit, gcc

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vi/vim -

  • It is visual text editor built in for Unix/Linux system.
  • It does navigation just with keyboard.
  • Allows functionality like Undo/Redo/copy/Paste/Cut etc.
  • It supports regular expressions, search/replace etc.
  • Completely managed with keyboard.

gedit -

  • gedit is more user-friendly graphical editors.
  • Graphical open-source text editor using GTK toolkit.
  • It has simple interface for basic text editing.
  • It has features like syntax highlighting, line numbers.
  • It allows to add plugins like spell checker.
  • It is easy to use.

gcc -

  • It is GNU compiler that include C/C++ compilers.
  • gcc is used to build executable programs for the code.
  • Compile source to executable files.
gcc source.c
  • gcc focuses on compiling than modifying code.

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