Introduction to shell and commands

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Introduction to shell and commands

Shell -

  • Shell is user interface which connects user and kernel and helps user to perform tasks and manage the system through it.
  • Shell is basically command line interface to manage the systems.
  • It takes commands through user and runs the functions of kernels.
  • The Shell can be differentiated in two types,
    • Command line shell -
    • These shell runs the command in terminal and displays the output in terminal itself.
    • Graphical user interface -
    • These shell execute the process provided by user in graphical way and displays output in graphical way too
  • There are few types of Shell which are listed below,
    • Korn Shell
    • Bourne Shell
    • C Shell
    • POSIX Shell

Shell scripts -

  • Shell are usually very interactive which means they accepts commands as input from the users and execute them.
  • However sometimes user want to execute multiple commands at once that’s when we can create shell scripts and put bunch of commands in it and execute the script.
  • Shell script file ends with .sh extension.
  • Here is small example of shell script,

echo "Hello world!"
  • Now to execute this file we can run,

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