Logical and Physical Memory address map

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Logical and Physical Memory address map

Logical address map

  • A logical address is a virtual address created by the CPU of the computer system.
  • The logical address of a program is generated when the program is running.
  • The logical address is basically used as a reference to access the physical memory locations.
  • In computer system a device named memory management unit (MMU) is used to map the logical address to its corresponding physical address.
  • Logical address of a program is visible to computer user.

Physical address map

  • A physical address map is one that represents a location in the memory unit of the computer.
  • This physical address however is not visible to computer user.
  • The memory management unit (MMU) generates the physical address of for the corresponding logical address.
  • Physical address is accessed through the corresponding logical address because a user cannot access it directly.
  • logical address has to be mapped with physical address before the execution of program

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