Process Life Cycle

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Process Control Block

  • process control block is basically a data structure that stores and manages information about specific processes.
  • It is also known as task control block because it’ll control the data and manage information of specific task.
  • It is associated with each processes in an operating system.
  • This is very important for process management as the data structuring for the processes is done in term of PCB.
  • it contains following information,

Process State

  • It displays current state of a process.
  • states such like waiting, ready, running or terminated.

Program Counter

  • It keeps address of next instruction that needs to be executed in process.

CPU Registers

  • It contains specific registers that are used by processes.

CPU Scheduling Information

  • It keeps information about next process or queue for executing programs.

Memory Management Information

  • The memory management information contains information for the page tables or the segment tables depending on the memory system used.

Accounting Information

  • It contains time limit, account numbers, amount of CPU used, process number etc.

I/O Status Information

  • It contains information about the Input/output devices used by process.


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