Services of Operating System

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Operating system services

  • Operating system services are basically those services which are provided to user by operating to system to make user experience very efficient by providing specific components.
  • Operating system services can be divided into two categories:

User POV

  • It contains those services which make working with operating system making efficient for user.
  • User interface:
    • Operating system provides very efficient user interface for interacting user with the computer system; Software and Hardware both.
  • File handling:
    • Operating system provides very great file handling for user to manage their data very efficiently throughout entire system.
  • Input and Output Operations:
    • Operating system helps user by providing better I/O Operations performance to manage items.
  • Program Execution:
    • Operating system allows user to load programs into memory and execute them as per user’s needs.

System POV

  • Communications:
    • Sometimes computer has to communicate between components to manage things, that’s where OS services helps
  • Error handling:
    • When there are errors in computer system the operating system manages those errors in very graceful manner to make it easier for user.
  • Resource Allocation:
    • Operating system manages resource allocation between programs very efficiently.
  • Memory Allocation:
    • Operating system manage memory between process greatly since most of the programs are loaded into the same main memory.
  • Security and Protection:
    • Operating system provides great security and protections for our computer files and personal data to be stored.

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