Tree and Graph

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Topics which are not mentioned in post: Conversion of General Tree to Binary Tree & Binary Tree Traversal: PreOrder, InOrder and PostOrder.

Non-linear data Structure — Tree, Graph


  • Is hierarchical structure with root node, siblings, nodes, parent nodes, etc.
  • Nodes are connected with edges/branches from parents to children.
  • A node can one have one parent
  • Operations on tree,
    • Traversal
    • Sorting
    • Searching
    • Insertion
    • Deletion
    • etc.



  • Graph is non linear data structure which is collection of nodes and edges.
  • Nodes are connected with edges.
  • A node can be connected back to itself through other nodes.


Basic Terms

General Tree -

  • A tree where each node has most two child nodes.

Forest -

  • Collection of multiple trees

Level Numbers -

  • The level or depth of a node form the root with the root at level 0

degree -

  • The number of sub trees or child nodes.

in-degree -

  • Number of incoming edges to node.

out-degree -

  • Number of outgoing edges from a node.

root node -

  • Top level node forming entire tree.

leaf node -

  • A tree with no children node.

directed edges -

  • a edge with defined direction from one node to another.

path -

  • sequence of nodes connected by edges that allow traversing the graph.

depth -

  • number of edges from the root node to last specified node
  • similar as level.

Application of binary tree


  • Used Binary trees are used for efficient searching and retrieval of data, especially when the data is sorted.

File system -

  • Binary trees are used to organize files and directories in a hierarchical file system structure.

Decision Trees -

  • Binary trees can also used for decision tree which helps to manage decision making process.

Sorting -

  • binary tree are used to implement sorting algorithm to order items.

Search engines -

  • Binary trees are used in search engines to organize and index web pages.

Priority queues -

  • Binary trees can be implemented as priority queues which are data structures that allow elements to be prioritized and retrieved in specific order.

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